Massive hovercraft lands on crowded beach




Happens every half hour or so where I live!


Was it crowded with eels?


In Soviet Russia, craft hovers YOU!


Wow, amazing!


I'm thinking the effect in the video is partly from use of telephoto. Squishing the fore and back grounds closer together. The boat may even be in a channel beyond the beach area where the bathers are.

and, who will think of the children.


Hovercraft? I see no hovercraft. Go about your day.


Yeah, it looks like the Hovercraft is just going in an inlet between the two beaches. The video cuts out moments before this would have been obvious I think. Someone's playing games with the camera to make a story.


Even just near the beach is pretty amazing.


and yet no one checks if it is full of eels...


Here you see it landed on the beach:

There's somebody walking on deck, probably carrying a phrasebook.


Did they died?


Thanks for finding that! Amazing.


Like Alan Arkin in The Яussians are Coming


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