Truck loads pipes onto unsecured barge, sinks into water


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Russia’s having a bad year with pipes.


I knew this was Russian before I saw the Cyrillic letters in the name of the video.


When I didn’t see the driver swimming in the water, I had to re-watch it to make sure that he jumped out before the truck went into the water.


The door opening and the driver bailing is close to getting cropped out of the video… I had to go back and look too.


Holy shit. He really does get blamed for everything!


We were amazed at how calmly the onlookers were treating it. But I guess there’s not a lot you can do about a very heavy load once it starts to go.


The title “Obama snova delayet diversiy” google translates to

“Obama again makes sabotage”.

Which in and of itself is ridiculous enough to be funny.


Perhaps it happens every day where they work.



Worthy of Buster Keaton.


I’m thinking surely there must be a Russian equivalent to “Dangit, Dan!”


same here!


The audience seems to react more or less like this was all intended.


Russians are famously nonchalant about disasters. Check these blasé reactions to what appears to be the End Of Days:


Capitalists try to disrupt 5-Year Plan to modernize Moscow’s mail delivery system.


I don’t know if that’s phlegmatism, so much as maintaining control of their moving vehicle — as I’m sure even Russian driving schools teach — and being sufficiently far from their phone not to make much of an impression above ambient noise. Certainly the guy near the end seems sufficiently voluble.


Watch the second compilation, it’s not dashcams in motion. And the audio is… louder.


Professional stevedores.


So Russia really is the end-result of like 5 generations of fetal alcohol syndrome, right?