Straps on cargo ship break, tons of cargo spill into the sea


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A reminder that the Sea is a harsh mistress :fearful:


That seems… preventable.
I mean, there were straps, but pipes weren’t sub-divided into sub-groups? To minimize exactly this sort of thing?


What seems more weird is why are we filming right then and now? This isn’t some static mounted footage from a constantly recorded camera but someone standing there recording it. That’s the questionable part to me.


It looks like they just used steel strapping, which is a terrible idea. In the real world, we would use heavy chains and turnbuckles.


Sometimes when I see costly accidents serendipitously caught on video, I wonder if there might not be some kind of insurance angle.

This is one of those times.


Exactly! On top of that, such wimpy straps! Why not lots of big, fat, nylon ratchet straps rated to load? Why not chains (unless the pipes were not metal)?

Time to turn the ship around?


Or you’ve been doing this a really long time, and are not the one who loaded it on the ship. You hear the sounds of failure coming one at a time (a creak here, a groan there, a snap of the initial strap), you know the sea is choppy, and disaster is ready to strike. Post up to watch the fireworks.


I always like to think about anyone who ordered a ton of steel pipe recently watching this and thinking “they would have called me about a delay if this was my stuff, right? Right?”


Strap-on cargo ship breaks, hilarity ensues!


From what little Russian I picked up, they seem to know the strapping isn’t going to hold in heavy seas, there is an 18+ warning in the title for “mat” (cursing), and sure enough he says something like “that’s all fucked” right before the straps give out.


I think Russians tend to live by the seat-of-their-pants more often.

Also if they had capped those tubes with some cheap rubber or something, they would have floated and you could maybe salvage them…


They don’t have any of those pesky government safety regulations and nosy inspectors. Putin = Freedom!


I’m sorry, but I keep reading the headline as “Strap-on cargo ship”. And that gives me flashbacks to all the Shipgirls fanart I’ve seen on DeviantArt.


Просрали груз на 100500 миллионов. Судно мурманчанин Васильев шло в Сабетту с трубами, которые погрузили в Архангельске в МРТС. В Сабетту пришло с чистой палубой. Трубы какой-то немецкий заказ.

We shitted out [f’d up] a load worth 100500 million. Cargo ship “Murmanchanin Vasiliev” was on its way to Sabetta with pipes, which were loaded in MRTS [Interregional Pipe Layers and Builders] in Arkhangelsk. We arrived in Sabetta [a port and LNG plant under construction on the Yamal Peninsula, in the north of Russia] with a clean [empty] deck.Pipes are from some German order.


I guess getting everything delivered safely was just a pipe dream.


I was about to note the conspicuous unwillingness of the translator to properly identify “prosrali.”


Pipes? Now we know why BFG is so friendly! Only now he is going to be PISSED.


Absolutely. Hardcore Henry wouldn’t ever be possible to film in the US. So they had to do it in Russia. Because insurance doesn’t have to be a thing there. So then you get to use all the practical effects you want. Like an at speed moving boom shot parallel to wire work on several moving vehicles.


Two thousand years from now, archeologists will find the pipes and be able to review the YouTube video to learn the backstory.