Watch: Kayaking a river in Norway on a gorgeous Spring day

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Dang, Norway does everything better.


One of my high school teachers used to say “canoeing in Canada” whenever he caught us daydreaming. Ironically that phrase only made me daydream more . . . about canoeing in Canada.


I once read about a woman who solo paddled along the entire Norwegian coastline. Bit more hardcore than this. (Check a map on how Norway continue in the Arctic above Sweden and Finland all the way to Murmansk).

Renting a kayak is nice in many areas. It’s quiet, you get to see the coast, and with some luck seals or dolphins and you can get to that secluded beach that doesn’t have a road leading to it.


A beautiful hiking trip in Sweden

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(Label of a favorite French Canadian beer)


But are they gathering business pelts…


Unibroue. Those are good beers, yessir!

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The thing you read about the woman solo paddling Norway, was it a book, and do you remember the title? I’d read that.

I regret I have but one like to give.

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Huge kayak nerd here. Gone camping in em, rivers, ocean, SF bay, crabbing in Tomales Bay, 2 weeks in Fiji for honeymoon (aint I romantical?). If you want an interesting book on small watercraft adventure, try Paddle to the Amazon by Dan Starkell. Starts at headwaters of the Mississippi (iirc, ahem) in a single large canoe built for three, Don and his two sons (one of whom goes home about half way thru). They paddle all the way to the headwaters of the Amazon and then down it. Crazy stuff.

The footage here looks stabilized AF

This thread made me dig out a loaned copy of The Same River Twice. thx bb u wonderful beast


It’s not a river, but the sea.
But other than that, lovely video.

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a gorgeous Spring day

Sorry to be that guy, but randomly capitalized words are my pet peeve.

I tried to find the video, but could only find the daily motion link, not a youtube link… It’s a hella-funny sketch, though.

It’s not all calm and quiet; sometimes those seemingly peaceful excursions take a sudden turn toward the worse when you have an unexpected run-in with some other boaters.



Honey mead break!

Having stepped over the headwaters of the Mississippi, I think you might be right that the single large canoe built for three probably started a bit downstream from there!

La fin du monde is on my favorites list. Great stuff.

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Pretty sure “Spring” is correct. A season is a superset of months (at least) and those are capitalized as well. No snark or dickishness here, only an attempt for accuracy (as I’m sure you can appreciate :slight_smile: )