Relax with this wintry real-time stream from a Norwegian train


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How do the train drivers stay awake? The white noise alone is enough to make me start yawning.


Is this the sequel to Snowpiercer? It’s certainly better than the original and with 95% less facile allegory.


In Norway, it’s all about the coffee.


Beautiful! I’m jealous they have that much snow already, we have a month or so to wait hear in the north east.

When I clicked onto it it was in the station, but I clicked back about 3 hours and wonderful snowy forests!!


What is it with Norway and weird streams?


I was there just this morning. Snowy. Trainy. Very Norway.


I’ve been stacking firewood in Norway some time ago; maybe I can dig up some pictures.


Ah yes, there’s nothing like Norwegian Wood!


Isn’t it good?


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