Kayaking down a drainage ditch

Have you ever kayaked? This isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. There’s lots of bracing going on here, which is what they’re doing when they touch their paddle down to steer. These are all super expert kayakers making it look easy.

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FWIW, the police and Dŵr Cymru really don’t like people using the Llyn Brianne spillway like that.

…for now.

Actually, I was looking at the first video, where he was bumping back and forth across the narrow channel and there wasn’t enough water to even put the paddle in. I’ve kayaked before, and I have nothing but respect for expert yakkers…

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I own a cheap spun-poly kayyak myself, though I’m an extreme newbie with it, but my reaction was that there’s a lot of difference between hitting an occasional rock and running down an extended concrete-sandpaper channel. I do hope these are retired “beater” boats… if not, they soon will be.

The spillway, OTOH, looks like it has enough water to be safe for the boat.

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