Watch this musician ride her bike while performing on sax and drums

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At least she’ll only kill herself!

Note: loud!


The curmudgeon in me would be more impressed if the video had not been so heavily produced and edited. Considering all the edits (presumably necessary to cut out all the bits where needing to steer the bike interrupted the rhythm), I am left wondering if any of the soundtrack was actually recorded while she was riding the bike instead of dubbed in afterwards.


I never realized wide open streets had so much natural reverb. Amazing!

It does make me think though, we have no problem with music videos where it’s obvious that the music is the canned studio track. But this video that is far more real is also more difficult to accept the studio track.

Also, I am a professional sound engineer (live) so things like the reverb which would never exist when riding on the street like that stick out like a sore thumb to me.


She’s used to curmudgeons, because she’s a lady on the internet! She even got a lot of hate for this, which I personally think is a lot of fun:


I thought she was going to perform on sax and drums. turns out it’s sax or drums. Still fun.


Flames. Needs more flames.


There’s a certain set for whom the sight of a bicycle immediately turns their minds to rage mode - it could be the most innocent and fun thing, but they’ll just sit there looking for a thing to nitpick about, and then that’ll be it, it’s all they can see, their need to see an evil awful irresponsible scofflaw cyclist is fulfilled, they stop taking in anything at all.

At no point do they enjoy the innocence and fun, because bike.


It’s a normal music video. The music is all pre-recorded and mixed in a studio.

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That’s cheating.

The problem is your expectations. You expected a performer doing a trick. You got a musician doing a music video.

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I wish I had saved the Guitar World where Steve Morse relates routinely driving to work at 100 mph while practicing guitar, steering with his knees, guitar neck out the window.

And this was after he quit the guitar to train as a pilot. Imagine how hardcore he must have practiced while he was still playing guitar.

You mean I can’t make a whoomping bass sound by hopping the bike a few inches off the ground? I want my money back!

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back all ye curmudgeons

allow mw to say? this is wonderful

yay - awesome

Coincidentally, the next L.A. street closure event will prominently feature the L.A. Philharmonic.

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