Music made by playing a bicycle


reminds me of The Triplets of Belleville movie.

It was the cartoon one about tha Tour with awesome music & a great story.

That was fabulous!

But srsly should we be passing the hat to get this person some musical instruments?

Indiegogo title “Okay, that’s cool but I just want you to true my wheels & install my new headset?”

Last night at the Grammy awards they made lots of references to the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan show 50 years ago.

It has also been 50 years since Frank Zappa appeared on the Steve Allen show, performing with music on a bicycle. The sound quality has improved greatly since then.


Oddly enough I just read this while listening to Brotzmann/Einheit’s Merry Christmas. FM Einheit plays bicycle parts on this album. Synchronicity!

Somewhere Steven Stapleton of Nurse with Wound is rolling his eyes (and so is, I guess, Frank Zappa in his grave).

Beat me to it.

Much better than P.D.Q. Bach’s Pervertimento.

“…through music I hope to change how people view everyday objects. . . :”

(eye roll.)

@AbeL: I love that movie. You should check out “Sound of Noise” (2010) too.

@jeffbell924: Zappa fans might be surprised to know how far back people have been making music with bicycles. Samuel Goss was rocking one in 1899…

@some_guy: There’s always some guy who… Well, you know. (drum roll) :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I hear people are starting to ride more instruments around.

But srsly, I love your bikey-wikey musicy-wooziky stuff. Bravo!

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