Watch this street artist paint a keychain using syringes

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great work and an inventive form of tool use.

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Man, all the sounds in the background were like madeleine cake for me. Nice art, would look forward to seeing this done next time I’m in Baguio.

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That is amazing. I wonder where she sources her syringes and needles? I looked at that for my meds once, and had a helluva time finding anywhere to buy them. Syringes yes, needles no.

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Reminds me a little of the tips of Rapidograph pens and the very fine lines they produce. It look like the syringes used for drawing/painting in the video have blunt-tipped needles which are widely available in the US for arts and crafts, and industrial and medical uses. I don’t know about their availability in the Philippines.

Mercury drugs or any pharmacy in the Philippines sells them.

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