Artist paints excellent Donald Trump portrait with her menstrual blood


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Artist of the Year Award!


I guess it’s good when art takes me out of my comfort zone.

I guess…


…or at least “artist of the month.”




I was more impressed by her blue period…


She’s done TV advertising as well?



(I say)


Well, yeah. We’re talking about Trump here.


Having had ill advised adventures as a teen, I know that painting with blood does not dry that red. It turns orange or brown from the iron oxidizing. Being FAAB, I know that menstrual fluid shares this property. So that’s either very fresh or not period blood.


It appears she’s selling prints of the original portrait. No mention what printing process she used (my guess is digital since she’s only charging $20 a pop) but she probably either photographed/scanned the original while it was still relatively fresh or tweaked the colors in Photoshop (or on the printing press if she’s doing handmade prints).


I was wondering about that myself. Would any spray-on sealant be sufficient to prevent oxidation for any length of time?


I somehow feel that making my usual ‘eats out’ on this awful picture of Trump joke would be in poor taste.


Sadly, this is the least offensive and squicky thing I’ve seen about T.rump in recent weeks.


A publicity-stunt painting of a publicity stuntman.


isn’t it illegal to sell blood?


As only original is made of this material, shouldn’t the question be if it is legal to sell photographs of blood?

…and why should it be illegal to sell a blood-painted whatever, anyway? Assuming it is exposed to air enough (or treated) to neutralize the eventual blood-borne pathogens?


was just a question, not saying it should be legal or not.
The article doesn’t specify if she’s selling a photo. It just says "“goal is to auction it off and give the money to an organization that helps Mexican immigrants in the U.S.” For me, “it” refers to the original.
where did you get that from? I can’t even see a source link or anything.


For some reason I assumed there will be reproductions for sale.
If it is about the original, I stay corrected.


She’s selling prints on Etsy.

It would be kind of weird if she wasn’t selling reproductions considering she used her reproductive organs to make the thing.