Artists pool 6 liters of their blood to make painting protesting Trumpism


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At this rate, the NEA is never coming back.


For those playing at home, NEA stands for the National Endowment for the Arts.


Bloody good work.

I’ll see myself out.


Not urine?


Just warn me if they whip up something special for Rick Santorum


Funny how body-fluid painting never seems to become mainstream.


(Bonus Disco-era Stan Lee in the background)


Blood is a strong medium. Connotations galore.


This feels like a plot hook for some World of Darkness blood magic ritual by the Circle of the Crone…


I definitely find the symbolism much more powerful than “Trump is fat and has a small pee-pee” so it’s got that going for it.


Well, Marc Quinn’s ‘Self’, a self-portrait ‘created from ten pints of his own blood’ sold for $2.8 million not that long ago.


So, he made bank! Blood bank.

Try the steaks!


Also, there’s over 5 million copies of Serrano’s “Blood and Semen III”.

I mean, Metallica have been mainstream since The Black Album.

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