Watch this totally inappropriate and bizarre Bert and Ernie parody in German

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As usual, youtube’s automatically translated captions are no help at all


One of my favorite episodes: ‘Vanilla Pudding’.

Brief translation: whiskey into vase (because the bottle was cracked), flowers into egg box, eggs into condom, * spoiler alert * ejaculate into bowl

Scrap that. All of them are my favorite.


Wait, how can you be a cocaine addict when you got no nose


Back in the day my personal favorite vector was to put it into moisturizing eye drops. It was very diluted (by my choice) and so the effect was a pleasant uplift not a scarface shit show. I could drop anywhere and no one thought twice about it. And these Muppets have a big eye, so…


This is really funny! Then, wait, Bert and Ernie have been bastardized, soiled, and Sunnied in Philadelphia.

Irreverence is bittersweet.

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[I wonder how they got that “cigarette” in Ert’s hand to emit “smoke”! Obviously you can’t affix a lit cigarette to the hand of a puppet made of flammable synthetic foam. I wonder what the technical workaround is!]

It has a nice Scarfolk TV vibe. (being in German Narbevolk Fernsehen)

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Some sort of vape device + pump + long tube that is fed up the arm and exits from the cigarette?

Congrats Sherlock, that’s a real seven-percent solution right there




easy. besides eye drops theres always the classy way of the 80ties:


What’s wrong with cabbage magic?


Includes the wonderful truism:
(Ert,) If you can’t handle drugs,
you shouldn’t be taking them.

'Wenn du keine Drogen verträgst, solltest du keine nehmen."

How to take a walk in the desert? Walk half as far as you can safely walk, then walk back. Easy-peasy.

“Totally inappropriate”

I thought I had mis-remembered or imagined this image, but no, the internet provides yet again.

No more offensive than the video but I’ll blur it anyway.

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It was about a minute in that I noticed the picture on trhe wall.

YES, a classic! I remember those two.

I would not be so sure about that. It’s the simplest solution and all you have to do is make sure the cigarette doesn’t burn all the way up. Simple!

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This is what Franklin Graham imagines in his head everytime he sees Pete and Chasten Buttigieg together.

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