Watch: This updated "I'm Just a Bill" reflects the new circus of Capitol Hill

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Cute, but being Politico they only imply that one of the duopoly parties (along with right-leaning members of the other party) is the source of the vast majority of the gridlock described.


There have been other parodies in the past that nailed the look and sound of the original pretty well:


Kyrsten Sinema Thumbs Down GIF by Jason Clarke


Very nice, but still should add the critical ride through the stink swamps of lobbyist-land (and the donors-downs).


Is it just me or did they manage to make that column look exactly like Mitch McConnell?
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 10.13.50 AM


@Carla_Sinclair (In Firefox) The right-hand banner ads are appearing on top of the video (which is wider than the paragraph text. I don’t know if you can edit that.


SNL did this a few years back:


Same here in Safari.

Also, this Air.TV player that seems to be just regurgitating YouTube content is actually quite terrible and barely functional.


I love that part: “I’m an executive order, and I pretty much just happen.”


@apenzott Thank you for letting me know! Looking into it…

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Let’s be honest here… it is. Not exactly in the way that is commonly described, but… it is almost entirely the Republican’s fault.

It’s the purity tests and the religious terrorists in their party.

The idea is that almost all bills should be a compromise between the left and right for the good of the country. The problem is that Republicans refuse to compromise at all, because if they do compromise and allow the Left to gain any ground at all - even ground that the right agreed to, and agrees is a good thing, and the vast majority of Republican voters support - they get primaried.

I don’t think most Democratic leaders would get primaried if they compromised to accomplish something that their voters wanted.

The system is broken.

The only way to fix the system is to destroy the Republican party.


Politico is a part of that system, as are other media outlets and careerist reporters who choose to affect a clubby, inside-baseball jaded attitude in service to access journalism. The GOP isn’t going away, even as changing demographics force it to cheat and act in bad faith, as long as Politico and its like do more than imply that they’re the main problem in DC right now.

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Are they just assuming everyone old enough to have seen them in the original Saturday morning broadcasts is dead now? Thanks.

Yes, but it’s always been broken. There’s never really been a time when it wasn’t.

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Or young enough. I didn’t see much of Schoolhouse Rock because I was an adult.


What? Nobody could be that old!


Not even close… that column it way too happy.

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