Battle of the bickering GOP noisemakers

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The Real Housewives of the gQp tonight on Fox.


Trash in, trash out.


TBH, all of this is best-case scenario. They can’t detach themselves from trump, meanwhile his losing streak continues.

They have no legislative agenda to bring to the midterms beyond obstruction (which is fairly effective for their base, but not swing voters).

The endless succession of conspiracy theories falling flat is turning off more and more “conspiracy curious” voters.

The January 6th terrorists are getting increasingly stiff punishments as they progress through more serious charges (even if I’d prefer them to be more severe, I don’t think any of them want to spend 41 months in the Fed lockup).

No doubt, the Dems will almost certainly lose the House, either via redistricting or midterms and Biden’s approval isn’t going anywhere positive until this pandemic is livable (same with the economy), but they’re about to enter an election year with nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, even if Biden doesn’t get BBB, the Dems have a lot to crow about next year and in 2024. If we take a broader view of the moment, just the two bills that have already passed constitute the most progressive and comprehensive legislation in almost a century. BBB would be truly revolutionary and he would still have three more years.


Meanwhile, it appears the Dem establishment may finally be figuring out that bragging about their accomplishments and portraying the GQP as obstructionist sycophants for the ultra-wealthy is a winning strategy (shut up, Podesta).


I initially read “MTG” as Magic The Gathering and now I can’t stop.


It helps to separate the concepts by pronouncing it Empty G. :wink:


I have to admit, a non-sentient card game would be an improvement on all metrics, including policy formation.


what does any of this have to do with Magic The Gathering?

/sorry not sorry that’s all I can think of when I see MTG and I plan on keeping it that way.

Damn I see someone beat me to that comment. I refuse to see it anyother way.

Marjorie Taylor Greene BBBRRR
Creature - Demon

When Marjorie Taylor Greene enters the battlefield, destroy target non-Demon Republican creature.


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