#NoBillNoBreak is HAPPENING now --- House dems occupy House

Democrats are rallying behind #NoBillNoBreak to demand a vote on two gun control bills. https://t.co/laidIGJIpw https://t.co/1rO7JOb3Zw

— NPR (@NPR) June 22, 2016

Search #NoBillNoBreak on Twitter to find coverage and video.

The racist GOP gun apologists cut the CSPAN video.


@Cowicide, @daneel — anyone? — are Sanders supporters going to field support for the sit-in? The Sen. tweeted support.

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Look at John Lewis!

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Is Hilary Clinton there? I think not. :wink:

I see my congressman in the background of that photo too - at least I think that’s him and I know he’s there.

How come Senators are allowed in the House, anyway? Do they not have the separation like they do in the UK between MPs and Lords?


Woo-hooooo!!! So much better than a speech by . . . wait, what’s his name again? All the googlerz will be typing “sit-in” and “lewis” instead of the other racist guy today.

@Mindysan33, thx for suggesting the thread be merged. I hope @xeni will help. I would have waited, but the story was taking off in real time — reminded me a little of the early hours of occupy when Twitter and private servers were the best way to get video and eye witness accounts.

Also, the speech by Lewis was wonderful. Really nice.


I followed the links, but I couldn’t find any details on the two bills themselves. Googling didn’t yield anything either. I must be looking in the wrong places or failing reading comprehension. Anyone found this information yet?

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Me either. I didn’t catch a reference to a bill number in the address, but I haven’t been able to do more than glance at the info because work is happening too.

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