In gun violence protest, House Democrats stage sit-in, shut down chamber, and take to Twitter

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If this became a regular thing, would the opposition have the Senate Police haul the protesting members out? Or if they have immunity via the Speech or Debate Clause because they are in attendance of the session, does that mean nothing can stop them, and the House can be shut down indefinitely?

They are sitting around and accomplishing nothing.

…this is different how?

(I kid! Just taking the low road for a change. Never give up and never surrender!)


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I don’t know if this will do any good, but I like the fact that they aren’t taking this NRA BS lying down.


[quote=“brzap, post:3, topic:80279”]If this became a regular thing[/quote]Indeed. What if someone tries to pull this sort of thing regarding Obamacare, or abortion rights, or some other hot-button subject?


@cowicide, are you going too? :slight_smile:

Dems turn to Facebook, Twitter after cameras turned off over gun sit-in

Democrats turn to Twitter, Periscope as C-SPAN cameras go dark


So the Democrats are sitting in until the House votes…on what? Is there a pending House-originated gun control bill that the GOP is keeping from advancing? Because there isn’t a bill that advanced out of the Senate for them to vote on. Unless Paul Ryan is keeping a House Dem-sponsored guns bill from moving to the floor for a vote, what exactly are they complaining about?

Congressional Democrats want gun control legislation as much as Congressional Republicans want an aborton ban.


John Lewis is MY congressman and I’m proud of him. Every two years I get to push the button for him and I smile a bit when I do.

Sometimes I push it twice, just in case.


This is exactly the kind of thing my mom would do if I was a member of Congress and she didn’t think I was working hard enough.

ETA: This reminds me of the story behind the deciding vote for the 19th Amendment granting Women’s Suffrage. Said vote was cast because Harry Burn, a young state legislator in Tennessee, got a note from his mother urging him to change his mind. He had to hide out from anti-suffrage crowds who wanted to rough him up, but at least he didn’t have to face a disappointed mom.


My understanding is that there is no specific legislation being addressed. The cynic in me thinks that they are taking turns posing and recording soundbites for their election campaigns. As an example, Karen Bass (Cal) went beyond yesterday’s claim that the GOP wanted to arm ISIS, and is now calling Ar clones “weapons of mass destruction”. Maybe all the crazyness from both sides is just election year posturing. Between this business and the Idaho insanity, I am thinking about taking a couple of weeks off and taking a couple of horses up into the San Juan Mountains. We used to do that for months at a time when I was little. Live in a tent, bathe in clean high mountain streams, read old books. Sketch herds of elk and wildflowers. just thinking about it calms me down.

Apparently, Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Iraq war veteran, smuggled her cell phone in inside one of her prosthetic legs. Then she took them off, got out of her wheelchair, and sat on the floor. Bad. Ass.


Ted Cruz shut down the government to protest Obamacare in 2013. It has happened before.


Some of these members of congress are calling for the same idiotic use of the “no-fly” list to ban someone from buying a gun. The use of some secret government blacklist as a basis to take away someone’s constitutional rights is misguided to say the least. There is no due process, etc. And why stop there? Why not make so we can search these peoples homes without a search warrant? Why should they be allowed to drive a car?


Just for the record. Ted Cruz was a senator and he used the existing filibuster rule to speak for 21 hours. The difference is that what he was doing was allowed by senate rules.

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Whitesplainin’… great.

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The TEAGOP’ers would rather be horse whipped than pass “gun control”.


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I think they’re calling for a vote instead of obstruction.