Watch: Valedictorian who had mic cut off finally gets to finish speech on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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I’ll bet the administrators who cut him off are feeling very clever right about now. – Kimmel gets between 2-3-million viewers per show. As a point of comparison, Butera’s entire school district has a total of about 2500 students, so maybe 2000 people maximum at that ceremony were spared his entire speech. Don’t ever change, thin-skinned authoritarian vice principals.


The high school valedictorian and class president criticized the administration for being authoritarian and making the office of student president powerless and ineffective, so the administration cut his mic, kicked him off the stage, and proved his point.

Clearly, Mr. Butera knew what he was talking about.



In a related story, a faculty adviser has resigned after rigging the election for class president and two other races at Vista Murrieta High School.

In a way, this is a great life lesson for those kids. The adviser demonstrated school elections are bullshit, the votes can be easily rigged, and the faculty should never be trusted. That’s an important lesson for kids to learn early.


I came to say the exact some thing. Well done close minded twits…you illustrated this young man’s point perfectly, and validated it as FACT.

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Sad to say, but it appears the administration, in so doing, were actually preparing him for the “real world”.

I’d vote for the guy, even if i had to sneak into the high school in a dirty trench coat.

Sounds a lot like:

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When I was a high school student, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a “government” that got to decide what the theme for the prom would be and then there was an “administration” that got to decide what the theme for everything else would be. The everything else theme was usually Underfunded Correctional Facility Beneath the Stars.

Note: The “administration” also had the power to negate all democratic decisions made by the “government” including what the theme for the prom would be. Educational!

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I’m so sorry to hear you choose to validate that world, and enable it to carry on.

Thank you. For preparing us for the real world.

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