Watch video from last night, when I talked WALKAWAY with Edward Snowden at the NYPL


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Despite the (suspiciously untimely?) network problems, it was a great discourse. I had to look up words or references I hadn’t used in a while. Fungible. Orphean. You had a lot of great things to say during your “vamping” while Mr. Snowden’s feed was down, and he made similarly interesting contributions as well.

Thanks so much to you, Edward, and the New York Public Library. Not only for making it happen, but for making it freely viewable online! I used some of the downtime during the talk to purchase the audio recording for Walkaway and Homeland, from your site.


Haven’t finished watching this, but skip to 8:40 for the beginning of the video, first 8 minutes are just some nice background music.


I am grateful that this is up! I had been waiting and saving the funds to go, but by then the tickets were sold out.


Any download link anywhere?


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