Watch: video of Artist Jordan Wolfson's moving sculpture "MANIC / LOVE"

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Those eyes are great, in a really creepy way, especially near the end of this video.

They also seem really durable, given how much slamming around the puppet’s head endures.

I’d guess the artist did not have a happy childhood? :grimacing:


Holy depressing puppets Batman.


I worked on Jordan’s VR piece for the Whitney a few years back, and let me just say, I’ve worked with a LOT of artists, directors, creators, etc over the years and Jordan was one of the worst human beings I’ve ever dealt with. He was awful to every single person on our team. He acted like every selfish, self-adulating artist you’ve ever seen in modern media times ten. I can’t tell you how many all nighters I spent creating his “vision” just to have him come in at 11am, trash everything, then complain when we didn’t have his specific kombucha in the fridge for him. I will never forget that miserable shit. He did have an adorable dog, though, in typical Jordan fashion he bought a therapy dog getup and printed out a fake certificate so he could bring him places that don’t allow dogs.


What I want to know is how they’re powered.

kinda reminds me of someone

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I saw this in Tate Modern a few years ago - It’s LOUD.

Set in one of the concrete rooms off the Turbine Hall was a perfect setting.

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