Watch: Viral jewelry thief prank has employees leaping over counters

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Imma try that at the Quickie Mart with a sixer of Yuengling and a can of sar cream and onion Pringles.


Seems like a good way to get yourself shot.



In a country with the death penalty for purse snatching, that is a high risk prank.

What happens if the clerk is faster than you and tackles you before you stop to browse again? Alternatively, what if a second clerk takes you down? Haha just kidding seems a bit weak at that point.


With the soothing background music, I could watch this all day. Smoooove.

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This could/would get you shot in the back in 'Murica.


Pranking servants will never be a top shelf prank.


Yeah. nah. This isn’t a prank, this is being an asshole. That’s like the “social experiments” that were being done on youtube where someone is being racist, sexist, or sexually harassing people and then saying it was just a prank. I don’t think pretending to steal a valuable piece of merch is cute or funny, but maybe i’m just a grinch when it comes to this kind of “humor”.


Add to the list, graffiti labeled as “street art”.


Yeah, very way uncool. Retail clerks already have it hard enough without this kind of stronzata.


Right? I want to say to them: “Try it at the airport security line, tough guy.” Run for the arch then stop short. That’ll be a one-time prank, right there.


Except that’s China and not the US, so chances, while not nil, are greatly reduced.


I love that, after all these years, people are still coming up with new ways to make working retail suck.

Or no, not love. What’s the other one?


Ha ha ha you are poor and so must frantically scramble after me as you are in terror of being blamed for insufficiently safeguarding your employer’s property and getting fired! Then I reveal myself and you must quickly put your deferent aspect back on and kiss my ass because you are poor and are afraid of getting fired for being rude to a customer.

Humiliating the powerless is such fun! Next I will go throw a milkshake through a fast food drive through window! The best part is when the cashier in there has to get down on their hands and knees and clean up the mess I have made, and they feel the full agonizing frustration of their powerlessness! God knows the manager isn’t going to clean that up! Ha ha ha ha!


I’d still be laughing long after my severe beating.

What assholes; there’s nothing funny about pretending to attempt theft.


Something like this happens in season one, episode three of Boston Legal (“Catch and Release”), which I happened to watch last night for the first time:

Dude grabs a wallet from a woman, runs off, gets tackled. Woman takes him to court for theft. Dude says “I thought it was my wallet, I lost my wallet two days ago, it’s this weird orange color, you can’t mistake it for anything else. I seen it sticking out of her shopping bag, so figured she must have stolen my wallet, so figured I would steal it back – you know, self-help.”

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My favorite shop-related prank comes from Teller of Penn & Teller fame. If he was in a hat shop, and spotted a hat shopper wearing a hat that was also on sale in that shop, he would take one off the shelf, walk past the mark, jostle the hat on the guy’s head, and then jog towards the door, holding the second hat in the air and laughing wildly. The mark usually made it a couple steps and a startled “hey!” before gingerly reaching up and realizing his head was still covered. As I remember it, Teller would just drop the hat by the door before exiting, and never look back.


Is it my day to be a grumpy old man? I guess so: Fun which involves scaring, humiliating or stressing out other people is not the best sort of fun.