Watch: 'Wacky Tobaccy,' Toby Keith's country anthem to weed


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“Ah told yer not t’dew that!”


I wonder if Toby Keith sang this song in Saudi Arabia when he went there to play a concert on the occasion of Trmp’s visit.


Not bad, bht does it really take that many guitars?


The irony of Jeff Don’t Recall Sessions being against a drug jocularly famed for its effect on human memory.


THIS! Shocked that Toby Keith, basically a younger generation’s version of Ted Nugent in terms of hardcore right wing politics and music intersecting, is promoting something his people are clearly happy to prosecute the hell out of.

Then again, maybe it’s telling that Snoop isn’t invited to the party. Right Wing Big Brothers say weed is secretly ok for blue collar white dudes, since it’s better than opioids, but don’t invite anyone else.


Oh yeah. The vague scent of weed smoke was part of the justification for blowing away Philando Castile.


I wonder what the Racist Elf thinks of this?

Oh wait, it’s ok when it’s white people smoking weed.


I personally know quite a large number of individuals who while otherwise being right wing conservatives are very much pro legalization. Its just one of the few issues where they don’t toe their party’s line. I myself as a lefty have a similar dichotomy when it comes to gun control. It happens.


It’s never been as simple as it’s usually made out to be. There have always been conservatives in favor of legalization, as it’s a perfectly principled conservative position, I would venture to say even more so than more traditionally lefty political philosophies. But being stuck with two parties that are far more concerned with their craven quests for power by any means necessary, principles never enter into it.


First off, I applaud you for being progressive and having an alternate stance on gun control. I often feel like I’m the only one.

Otherwise, yes, I should have clarified that I was speaking more for the mouthpieces of the movement than anything else. Toby Keith has made himself VERY openly political on many occasions, and aligned himself very directly to the Republican party on most things, more so than most of his genre, which tends to already be pretty right leaning. The exception being the Dixie Chicks, and that didn’t go well for them. I was speaking more to that point of view than any specific individual – although I should note that if stays consistent on this one then chalk one up for him.

I prefer individual people having actual opinions of their own and not following “mine vs the other” at all costs. So yeah, I remember even as recently as a few years ago when legalization was a big thing for many of the right, some of them Libertarians, many of them just more old school conservatives (i.e. William F Buckley). I’ve just seen political discourse lately be run more and more by specific interest groups taking over the major parties and running with a “with us or against us” mentality, and revealing that the Big Tents of old were just covering iron cages that are now shutting quickly.


That’s just the general quality level of anything pop-country artists produce. Go look at any of the hundreds of “Let’s party and get drunk on our farm/in our trucks/with our dogs” songs. The only real distinction here is the pro-pot message, and even then Toby Keith is far outdone by this video’s true star Willie Nelson.

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