Watch wireless dominoes topple without touching each other

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So, it’s like knocking over dominoes, but with the actual fun bit taken out. Interesting.

Also, if you really like dominoes knocking each other over without touching, surely it’d be easier to use magnets? I mean, you can’t control the order in which they fall over but… I have no idea why anyone would want to do that in the first place, given the fun is watching the whole line go down in sequence.


They need to sit up and arrange themselves too.


This is wonderfully pointless, I approve wholeheartedly.

Just wait for his new project - it’s a picture puzzle where all the pieces are small drones that automatically assemble themselves into the completed image.


Spiking a batch of regular domino tiles used in one of those lots-and-lots-of-dominoes-toppling displays with some of these might yield interesting results.

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This is how those fainting goats work I think


These appear to be charismatic dominoes. Knock one over, the rest of the congregation is also slain in the spirit.

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So, the Benny Hinn of dominoes?

Or is this more of a “chi-master” effect?

Finally a genuinely useful application for the Internet of Things™…

Hopefully they’ve implemented a decent security model, because the metaphor of things falling over like dominoes is tempting fate.

December 2018:

Domino DOS Attack.


The mechanism for the dominos to tumble i think could be improved to use a small rumble weight/motor to throw off the balance on a given direction, rather than using a pin at the bottom of the domino. The effect would be more invisible when seen in person… i can see the shadow of the pin in the gif so i imagine its even more apparent in person how these operate. Though i don’t know how small rumble motors can be built but i think it should be feasible. Really neat application though, curious what other applications the inventor had in mind.

Here we have a classic toy, which is about as simple as a toy can be. How can we make it more complicated? I’ll bet these guys run on those expensive little hearing aid batteries.

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