Watch with microscopic sculpture inside




Good work if you are obsessive enough to get it.


I thought that those peek-a-boo things always had a risque lady…


That’s the $3 million dollar watch.


I’m such a cheap bastard that I’ll only pay for the $1 million dollar watch – it has a hologram of a tiny ship rather than an actual tiny ship.


You could get a real boat and use the $350,000 left over to buy a really pedestrian watch.


and also a fancy telescope, to look at it backwards through.


Ah, so pretty, another shiny trinket for the pathologogical wealth hoarders.


Or you could look at it as a form of patronage for the artists and artisans who produce the things.


A crowning achievement!


Ugly watch but thanks for introducing me to Willard Wigan’s work - it’s absolutely stunning.


He certainly knows how to catch the eye of someone who is rich


We should put him in touch with this guy.


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