MSCHF's back, with a microscopic luxury handbag

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IMO that makes it into a much weaker piece. The bolder move would be to package it in a full-size Louis Vuitton box of suitable dust-tight construction, so you could in theory try to use it as a handbag. Fixing it to a microscope makes it purely a 3D cartoon.


Looks like the perfect item to sell at Jeffrey’s.

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ha ha that’s perfect. that’s our deal!

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I actually saw MSCHF’s Big Red Boot in the wild, in the subway, last week. On a petite person wearing skinny pants, it looked great. Like a cartoon come to life.


“If a designer handbag is so small you can’t see it, can it still a status symbol?”

Yes, if it’s flaunted. Just shlep around some magnifying device in public while wearing a “I OWN A MICROSCOPIC LOUIS VITTON HANDBAG AND YOU DON’T”


You could definitely make some kind of statement by owning a knockoff handbag bedazzled with hundreds of microscopic genuine ones. Not sure what the statement would be, though.

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Ripoff Vuitton handbag smaller than a grain of salt fetches $63,750 at auction

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