Louis Vuitton camera bag is a camera itself

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I don’t understand what’s the big deal. You have a “handbag” that’s really an oversized digital camera and won’t actually carry anything? It’s not even good as a voyeur camera because it has a big lens sticking out the side.

Makes more sense to carry a small camera (or smart phone) inside a regular bag.

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But it’s not just a camera. They added decorative panels and straps. No camera has ever had these features. /s

I dont get it either… :man_shrugging:

It’s like an AI generated image for the prompt “Louis Vuitton camera bag”.

You never know what can work as a fashion accessory.



This new piece looks looks rather crude in comparison.


It does carry things.

As for carrying a small camera inside a regular bag, that would deny you the opportunity of carrying around this conversation piece.


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They look very hard to walk in.

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Reminds me of shopping in an old school leather goods store on the Main in Montreal.
Customer: Is that a real Gucci bag? (seeing Gucci logo)
Proprietor: Madame (insulted tone), that is premium leather, hand stitched by a master craftsman, better than anything Gucci ever made!


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