A Louis Vuitton casket was spotted in NYC

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This is some kind of art project, right? right?

Huh. I guess you can take it with you.


Like I’d be caught dead in one of those!


Well, the nice thing is, it’s going into the ground.


I’m guessing it’s a vinyl wrap


This post should be titled
‘A narcissistic romp with idiots who pay stupid amounts of money for a design that’s uglier than a baboon’s ass’

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Nothing like donating all that left over money to charity after you no longer need it!

That looks awfully tacky.

I remember reading that a lot of high-placed women end up buying LV bags and accessories primarily because it’s one of the few brands their male colleagues will recognize and accept as status-symbols.

A final vinyl wrap.

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Might fool the worms. they have absolutely no taste.

Maybe it’s at the behest of the family, but taking pictures and video of the casket is pretty damn tacky as well. I really hate that some people need to put everything on the internet.

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If the statement the deceased wanted to make about himself was that he had more money and insecurity than taste, mission accomplished.

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