Why aren't you buying more Louis Vuitton stuff?


I’m only one man, I can’t do it all by myself. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with all these handbags, but they sure are pretty!


Because I don’t know how to pronounce it. I get to the store, ask for Lois Viewton, and they laugh at me. I feel ashamed, every time.

Louis Vuitton the backbone of the manufacturing industry, this is why the industry is going to hell in a sweatshop made expensive designer handbasket.

They’re all the same brown leather with the gold logo style all over it. Why have more than one – or, for many of us, one in the first place?


Cos then people will know you’re better than them.

Sir Mix-A-Lot: Swap Meet Louie

If only they were making jackets adorned with dinosaurs holding cupcakes, or bats with glowing eyes, then I might be buying some LV. Until that day…

I love the care and craftsmanship of really high end, couture stuff. Hand made clothes with fabulous details and stuff. If I could afford it, I would totally buy it. Alas.


I can’t bring myself to spend a car payment’s worth of cash to buy something so intentionally fugly.


it’s all about social status at the society…:smiley:

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Back in the 80s, Morocco had a really large local industry making leather products. Counterfeit Louis Vuitton was one of the big items (not sure if they also made the real stuff, but the local merchants were quite upfront about their merchandise being counterfeit.)

Perhaps the Intellectual Property Police have stopped that by now, but I doubt it, and LV’s designs were never that impressive.

“Why aren’t you buying more Louis Vuitton stuff?”, asks the WSJ columnist, scratching his chin in bewilderment. “We saved the banks, we’re going to rescue the proles from Obamacare and Government solvency…now why aren’t more people buying luxury items?”


Simple – needs more gold. Reverse the color scheme!

I have bought no less than 5 designer bags from an extremely busy mall in Luohu. Are we not supposed to be buying them directly from the sweat shops?


If I see someone carrying something with the Louis Vuitton logos, I instantly lose any capacity to take that person seriously.


I’ve seen snide that was arguably better than the real deal, when you’re looking at the churned-out overpriced clobber aimed at the ‘too poor for couture’ market.

Hehehe. Fairtrade Vuitton :slight_smile:


My favorite Charlie Rose interview is with Tom Ford on 28 December 1999. At one point Ford says that luxury brands can imbue goods, even just a cup, with something extra that is important to an individual. I could drink from any cup, but this cup is special to me and makes my day better. He has a “value added” philosophy about it.

Of course, some people buy luxury brands just to impress others, and, perhaps surprisingly, having lived in and around Hollywood for almost 30 years, I only have one story about that.

About ten years ago I was almost finished checking out of a small hotel in West Hollywood when a young woman in dark sunglasses started yelling in the nearly empty lobby.



“Meatballs! Did you break your Louis Vuitton? Did you break your Louis Vuitton? Did you break your Louis Vuitton, Meatballs? Yes you did. You did break your Louis Vuitton! How could you break your Louis Vuitton? Why did you break your Louis Vuitton, Meatballs?”

Her voice wasn’t unkind, and she didn’t sound especially panicked, but sounded like she was speaking to a small child. Her voice had no trace of accent, except that every time she said “Louis Vuitton” she really punched the hell out of it and made sure to pronounce it like she was in Paris or doing her best Anna Wintour impersonation. But there was something about the tone, the dropping of the Louis Vuitton name so frequently in so short a time, and how she sounded much more concerned about the Louis Vuitton than Meatballs that made my skin crawl just a bit.

Maybe part of my irritation was because I had no idea what the hell was going on.

Then I saw him. Meatballs was a small, dark tan dog, slightly fluffy, that I could have easily picked up with one hand- if he weren’t struggling, and right then he was struggling.

Meatballs had apparently made a break for it, dashing towards the open doors and away from the young woman, breaking his Louis Vuitton dog collar and/or chain in the process. He looked well cared for, but none too happy at being caught. As the young woman examined the structural failure of the Louis Vuitton object in question while also holding Meatballs, Meatballs looked like he wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, but at the end of that chain.

As I walked out of the hotel, I silently wished Meatballs all the best, and decided that, at least in my mind, he escaped the next day, had a great adventure, and wound up on a nice farm upstate.


Made by slaves :frowning: Hello? Expensive too. Brain into gear please?

Maybe if they stopped coating everything with their logo and using the literally craptastic brown & yellow colour combination?