That time Louis Vuitton made a netbook

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This may be stating the obvious but it hadn’t really occurred to me before: the relationship between the talismanic properties of technology and the utilitarian properties is not linear.


I don’t understand why people pay a premium to provide free advertising for LV’s ugly poop-coloured brand on items that (supposedly) have a useful life longer than three years, let alone this. But then again I put items like this in the “more money than sense” category.


It used to be a signal to other people that you were in a certain income class - one who can afford to essentially throw away thousands of dollars.

Now, with the ubiquity of knock-offs and ebay, that signaling quality has been eroded, people have to use the old-fashioned signals…cars, homes, plastic surgery, etc.

Conversely, for many people the genuine articles are an affirmation to themselves that they are worth it, that they matter, they are important, etc; which can be a tragedy if they happen to pay full price for a knock-off. However, depending on the quality, there really is no way to tell the originals from the copies.


While my crappy tablet was temporarily not working (seems to be common for RCA models like mine to suddenly stop powering on and requiring certain rituals to reactivate), I was looking into possible replacements. Yeah, this ain’t it. The cheaper alternative linked also ain’t it. Then again, if CE is no longer supported, I don’t have to worry about bloat. I just want something that gets me into Google Docs and provides little delay between my typing and the words showing up onscreen.


Ugh, I hate to say it, but your best bet is probably a Chromebook. The UI is essentially just a portal into GSuite and they can be pretty cheap. GSuite running on Mac or Windows is a fairly miserable experience, IMO. Whenever I have a slowdown it is GSuite 100% of the time (Mrs Peas always forgets to close the tabs when borrowing my laptop).


That’s what I figured. Now that my tablet is working again, though, I’ll put off the purchase of another device till later in my writing career, when I’ll need it more.

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It’s not a netbook, As explained in the article it is a Handheld PC. I could agree with subnotebook just barely, but a netbook it’s not.


I’m that old.

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