WB still hasn't green-lit a sequel for The Batman yet

I think it’s way better than mediocre even if it has issues.

One if those being it’s far too long, but i think a lot of that rests on that third act and the big action conclusion which stretch on forever.

The pacing could be tightened up a lot and it would have been a better, clearer movie for it.

Also maybe turning on a fucking light could’ve made it a clearer movie?

I’m kidding, but I didn’t like it and I don’t understand people who thinks it’s so fantastic.

And what about Bats causing that giant explosion on the freeway? How many innocent Gotham commuters died in that pointless conflagration?

Is moving merch as big of a deal as it used to be? That was part of the reason for the big tonal shift after Batman Returns, was it not?

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Never seen a Batman movie before? Burton Batman straight up shoots missiles at circus people.

Probably bigger these days.

It’s just the bounds of merch and who buys it has changed.

It doesn’t doesn’t just mean action figures for 10 year old boys anymore.

It’s make-up pallets, collectable card games, Reebok tie in sneakers, collectables for adults. One Thousand Funko Pops.

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Oh, well.

I really liked The Batman, which surprised me, considering how I usually feel about most DC films.

But if a sequel doesn’t happen, it’s no skin off my nose.


The problem is that every time it goes through the Lazarus Pit, the franchise loses a bit more of its wonder and joie-de-vivre.


With the notable exception of Lego Batman.

When I’m feeling bad for Batman, I just pull out my Bronze Age books or pop BTAS in the old BluRay player. I’d love to see that version finally make it to live action.

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