We are all refugees: A Serbian on Syria

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Always a pleasure to read Jasmina’s essays.

I wonder if the influx of refugees are going to destabilize an already unstable situation in the Balkans… The lines between Serbia and Kosova, as well as the political situation in Sarajevo seems stressed to the limits already. I heard that Macedonia is attempting to keep out Syrians trying to move through there. And of course, the situation in Greece is tense, especially with the PM resigning… As always, we ignore this historical cross-roads at our peril.

ETA - Refugees have now crossed the border into Macedonia. Here’s hoping they treat them with kindness and allow them shelter in their country:


I once read an account of the Balkans and what it was like being a refugee. A survivor, a very tough guy, said his one piece of advice was don’t get captured in a civil war. His experience seemed to say that the best bet is to drop everything and run as far and fast as possible. Even though he’d survived being rounded up, it sounded like he wouldn’t hesitate to kill himself to avoid a repeat.

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