We need a sarcasm mark, happy mutant people!

Long have those who live on the internet mistaken and been mistaken when making sarcastic comments. Eye rolls, raised eye brows, and tone of voice do not transfer over the net-waves! So, hows about we figure something out about that and create a universally recognizable “sarcasm mark”, at least for here at the Boing Boing BBS. If you have any ideas that will get across the concept of sarcasm in a comment posting, post it here and we can vote on it!


Oh yeah. That’s a great idea.


I was searching for the ¬_¬ emoticon, but instead found the Wikipedia page for the irony mark. ؟It’s so useful and easy to type؟


Well, what you got then? I have no ideas, but was hoping cleverer people had some!

Oh, and we should favorite the ones we like best, I guess?

Democracy is hard.

Thanks for the new topic, and as I said before, I vote for @_@

Let me know when I win! :slight_smile:


i can’t help but think this is all my fault.


But irony and sarcasm are different things, no? Shouldn’t sarcasm get its’ own mark?

And how do I type it? I’m already confused! >_<

Embrace the madness!


The irony mark or irony point (؟) (French: point d’ironie) is a
punctuation mark proposed by the French poet Alcanter de Brahm (alias
Marcel Bernhardt) at the end of the 19th century used to indicate that
a sentence should be understood at a second level (irony, sarcasm,
etc.). It is illustrated by a small, elevated, backward-facing
question mark.[4]

No idea how to type it, I just copy+pasted.

Anyone know why this topic has the “boing boing” tag? Isn’t that for the auto-generated blog posts?

It gave me a drop down, including this and the meta tag… given the two descriptions, it seemed the more logical choice Or there was a “no tag” thingie… I guess I could have used that, but I can’t change it now! If was not allowed, I’d assumed it would have not let me do it, no?

Also, what’s your nomination for a sarcasm mark. Let’s stay on topic people!

And now someone/thing took it away! Problem solved!

This is the easiest to type and conveys a lot. I’ve always preferred it.

It’s already become pretty standard to follow a sarcastic remark with /s

I’m not sure if the inclusion of the slash causes issues with any markup tag systems.

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I’ve had that happen, on the old BB commenting I think (disqus). I did that and it would not show for some reason, but I do think I’ve seen it elsewhere.

But making one up is more fun, so that’s what we’re doing here.

I vote either Sartalics (opposite slant italics) or Sarcasm Purple.

:smirk: smirk is going to have to do or maybe :smirk_cat: smirk_cat at least until we get the better: in our official emoji plugin.

to use the emoji feature type : and an auto completer will show up

But including an obvious sign you’re being sarcastic or ironic virtually defeats the purpose.

Half the point of talking that way is raising the bar for comprehension; sorting out your audience.


:ice_cream: :taxi: :radio: :baby:

Step off mah Boing Boing tag!

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Maybe… But that’s the point too. You’re typing not talking. There is not differentiation like there would be IRL.