Wealth inequality is correlated with CO2 emissions


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The Aristocrats!


The power of free markets!


The market is not free if a few of the actors have significantly more power than the rest.


I commend the practice of linking to the original creative commons picture. But why is the link to a picture, titled simply Dom Perignons.jpg at the WP source, of a Cuban cigar and a bottle of Dom Pérignon re-titled Black Plague? Was generously explained to me.

Also, obligs…


Doesn’t the problem become even worse from the CO2 generated from all the lies meant to rationalize the bad business and ecological practices?


Article is behind a paywall, but it sounds kind of like you might find more rich people in states with a lot of industry, and hence a lot of emissions.


The fact that the market IS free, is how they got that power. (??)


That’s the wikipedia handle of the uploader.


Doh! So it is. I just thought Cory didn’t like cigars :grinning:

Merci :wink:


Pretty sure its sarcasm


Maybe the wealthy want to purge mother Earth from the 99%, us weaklings. One way or another. Through rising sea levels, if necessary.


I realized that. But some things need to be said out loud these days.


The fact that the market was free, is how they got that power.


Fair enough. Fair call.

But we cannot go back and regulate past markets. We can (maybe) do a better job of regulating today’s or tomorrow’s markets (‘neo-liberal’ arseholes notwithstanding), to limit that power.

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Here in 10%-er Ann Arbor, a lot of lip service is given to being “green”, yet the topic of wealth inequality and the role it plays in things like CO2 emissions, consumption levels, or lack of affordable housing is off the table. When I remind city planners that the vast amounts of concrete (but one example) going into the 1000’s of YUPPIE condos being built represents the world’s most energy-intensive building material… crickets. 1 1/2 baths for every bedroom being built - represents huge potential for water waste…silence. No one want’s to admit to it or even talk about it, I guess they are all to busy making money?


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