Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor


As a librarian, I find the DK series great for youngsters, with good informative pictures and text. Adults like them too!


Wow! The illustration in the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons Arms and Equipment Guide is beautiful!


How typical of the typical pandering leftyism of BoingBoing to typically critique such a publication!

After you take our guns away, you’re coming for our libraries next, I suppose. TYPICAL.

this is a topical joke

More than two dozen different polearms included!

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This is the kind of stuff every other character on The Walking Dead should be toting, except the characters aren’t smart enough to know which end is the handle.


Yeah, the cluelessness of keeping to knives rather ANY longer weapon bothers me. It doesn’t need to be a katana, a baseball bat would be better than a buck knife, simply crush the skull and move on. It’s not like they parry!

I believe my son bought this book when he visited the Tower when he was 13.

I’m very fond of George Cameron Stone’s A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times, but this has shiny color pictures. Buy both!

I have this book, and it’s an excellent reference! (maybe I guess if you’re a bladesmith or armorer, or maybe even cosplayer…)

One obvious pick would be the 3" lengths of black iron gas pipe sold in hardware stores. Also a baseball bat split at the end with a 6" chunk of auto leaf spring bolted in. Probably the most useful thing would be something like an axe handle with a small very cheap stamped metal hatchet blade set in the end. But I like the bat idea because it’s all about making a huge puncture followed by the blunt force follow through that crushes the compromised skull.

I know. We clever humans have so very many variations of ye ol’ pointy stick.

Damn straight. Just about any hardware or outdoor shop has some long handled wood splitters. Wouldn’t be hard to make DIY boar spears too. Get medieval on those deadites…

Just WHAT are you blathering on about?

Great little article! I just bought a copy of the book on eBay for less than $7.00, shipped!

Just today I reminded my students to label their axes.


Anytime there is an article mentioning guns, some nut posts about BB being radical peacenik left-wingers opposed to guns, weapons, blah blah chemtrails blather.

Guns are just another tool. And, lo! Here is a post devoted to the beauty of weapons (not generic tools), and not a single one of them is going “oh, hey, guess you guess are knee-jerk anti-weapon reactionaries!”

See the spoiler text.


Well, that frog didn’t make it.

I always wondered why they are using 4" folders for 1/2 the work? I’d want a fixed blade knife like the old school Ka-bar. Attaching that too PVC pipe or wood dowel would give you a good spear for more length.

Finding a good sword that wouldn’t break with use might be a bit difficult. But you could grind your own with a sledge hammer, a makeshift anvil, a generator, a grinding wheel, and some leaf springs from a car.

Like I’ve said before, for the zombie invasion, something like a Ruger 10/22 with a bunch of their 25 rnd magazines would be perfect. The new 50th anniversary is even pre-threaded for a suppressor (though in the shows defense, that variant was only made this year, after the apocalypse.) You can carry 500 rounds for a fraction of the weight of 9mm or .233/5.56mm. Slap a red dot on there and you could zap zombies at 50 yards with minimal training and skill. No recoil means fast followup shots.

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