Fantasy knife: a skull-faced, many-bladed forearm scorpion


“full tang” - Product description

Errr, besides this being a ridiculous costume piece for teenage boys, I don’t think they even know what a tang is outside of the nasty orange drink.


I can only describe it with one word:


With emphasis in the quotation marks.


Historians will be perplexed, as this clearly belongs to the armament of the fabled Mall Ninja, but they’ll recognize that it was made at a time when the Amazon Empire had largely decimated their natural habitat. It looks like you might be able to use it as a churchkey bottle opener, though it’s a bit pricey. And it probably shouldn’t be used if you’re drinking anything alcoholic, as it doesn’t look that safe to use while sober.


The best part of this knife is the hilarious press shots that will inevitably result when some stody UK police functionary is photographed posing with one seized during a knife-crime crackdown. I’m not sure that it would top the infamous bat’leth incident; but same vein.


Kinda arguable, the “tang” extends right down the length of the forearm piece, but yeah it looks like a bunch of cheap stamped metal and cast pieces that’d fall apart if you looked at it hard.

A good indication that a particular RPG group is one that you want to stay away from is when group members are passing around the BUDK catalog, seriously discussing the merits of things like this.


Paging Richard Kadrey…

Hey, no-one comes to Boing Boing for product recommendations that are in good taste!


Ours was usually too busy discussing the current events described in The Weekly World News.

Personally, I’d be taking it off when I used the bathroom.

Does anybody else find it slightly odd to read this article just after another on BB criticising liberal gun laws? Does it not glamourise a different type of potential weapon ever so slightly?

You can be in favor of gun control while still thinking that guns are kind of cool!


I certainly got an erection the moment I saw it; if writing doesn’t pan out for Cory, I’m sure he could get a good gig doing ad copy for fantasy knife importers.

That is; no, I think the snark was strong in this one. It’s about as glamourising as Nelson pointing and going ‘HA-HA!’

Unfortunately everyone who wants one these won’t be allowed to buy one while living under their mom’s roof.


It makes me think of Centipede’s fancy armgear in ‘Agents of Shield.’ I don’t suppose it grants the users super strength… :slight_smile:

Totally getting two of these when I switch specs from elemental to enhancement.


I’ve gotten the occasional BUDK catalog, although not in several years. I’m not actually sure how I got on their mailing list, considering I’ve never bought anything from them. Those things are hilarious! For the longest time, I was almost convinced the catalogs were some sort of Onion-like parody.

Is this what they call a cestus in D&D?

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DHALGREN people. paging Samuel .R. Delaney.

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I can’t wait to see the Daily Mail collectively pooping itself when one of these turns up in one of those hilariously pointless annual “weapons amnesty” turn-ins they like to have in Britain.