Fantasy knife: a skull-faced, many-bladed forearm scorpion


It looks much like the Skrills from the Earth Final Conflict television series. Could just about paint one Blue/White and you would have a decent costume piece.


sigh. full tang is a fixed blade description. it means that the piece of steel used continues through both ends of the handle. counts for kitchen knives too.


No, I think it means it dispenses delicious orange flavored drink.


I can completely imagine this ‘weapon’ being used in a a robbery. The thief could make off with all of someone’s valuables while the victim had collapsed with laughter.


The only thing that’s missing is a reason.


They’re the kind of cheap, flashy junk that are favored by guys who want something fancy to put on their walls or bookcases, but aren’t really into the martial arts. They’re more for posing with.


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