Wear these sunglasses over your prescription glasses


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The thrill of taking of my rx glasses and putting on my rx sunglasses while driving, makes me feel alive.


I use Solar Shields and just keep them in my car. They work pretty good and if they break, they are cheap enough to replace.

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My dermatologist turned me onto this type of over-the-glasses sunglasses. She explained that virtually all eye problems which arise during aging (macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, etc…) are due solely to UV exposure. Life is going to be hard enough when we are old, never mind adding eye problems to the mix!

She recommended Solar Shield, but they look too dorky. I used them for a while, but wasn’t happy. Then I came across Polar Optics, at Walmart of all places. $30 later, I had a reasonably stylish pair of sunglasses that only look mildly insect-like. My much-more-fashionable wife said that they don’t look too bad, even kind of cool depending on the outfit.

They sell a style that doesn’t have the Exteme Loser Tiny Side Window feature, and this is (IMHO) their most stylish pair. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Polar-Optics-Premium-Polarized-Fits-Over-Sunglasses-56-15-Gray/27800369

Check out Walmart to see them in person! I have bought 2 pair, and am a happy (and hopefully stylish) customer.

I don’t wear glasses but if I did I would just go full grandpa. They will look great with my thinning hair = shave it philosophy.


I have a small prescription but unfortunately where it really shows up is driving. So, I wear bifocals all day to keep my eyes as rested as possible for when I drive. The ones I chose have three magnetic “clipons” that I just press on to add to my prescription glasses. One is sunglasses. One is yellow driving glasses for gray days. The other, surprisingly useful one, is a 3D overlay. I’ve seen two movies using these and having a high quality 3D lens and having it fit over my prescription glasses made it waaaay less annoying.

These work pretty well but occasionally the sun is at such an angle that there is a reflection off of the back of the clip on. They are better for driving than walking around for this reason, because the roof of the car usually prevents the glare effect.

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I buy glasses from zenni optical, they are inexpensive (start at $7 a pair plus $5 shipping) and you can get all sorts of options like polarized, various tints, etc. I have over a dozen pairs, different styles, plain, tinted, even work goggles -because they are so cheap. So, I have 2 spare pairs (plain and tinted) in the car, one at the office and a selection at home. And, if I lose or break a pair it’s not a big deal. The most expensive pair of prescription, polarized sunglasses I ever bought there cost me $65 total. Most of my purchases, however have been in the $12-$40 range. No need to wear glasses on top of glasses.

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+1 for the cheap Rx route. Problem is last pair I got I had made too dark, I should get another pair soon.

I do not mind looking like I should be riding a mobility scooter, so I wear fitover glacier glasses all the time. Sure beats tinted contacts.

Where did you find glasses with multiple clip options? I can’t say I really desire the yellow ones, but 3D might improve my opinion of going to see such movies.

I was given a pair of these when I had eye surgery for Diabetic Retinopathy - these are fantastic - I always keep a pair around now and wear them as goggles on my motorcycle.

I have no concerns over whether they’re fashionable, repeated laser surgery for the retinopathy has left my eyes extremely light sensative and the full coverage these give is such a relief to me.

The brand is Sunlite. I looked to see if I could Google up an image when I made my post, but I can’t find anything other than the logo. I got mine through my local optician / glasses seller. I have eye insurance through my work so most of it was paid for by the insurance.

Also, if you have never used the yellow tint glasses, they’re amazing for driving in the snow or other conditions where everything is shades of gray. They add a bunch of contrast in. I never understood why they aren’t more popular because I think those are the toughest driving conditions.

It was worth asking. Just my luck it’s a brand with little on-line presence, and found at an optometrist local to you. :confused: Thanks for answering my question.

I’ve not had much difficulty driving in snow, and I’ve had ample practice the last couple years. Stopping and starting the car at stop signs and signals has been far more challenging than the flying snow.

I grew up in Alabama, so I hate driving in the snow. I never learned how to skid properly and white knuckle it the whole time I’m on the road. My eyes get really tired when it’s all white on white.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the deal with this brand is. When I googled around it seemed like I was mostly getting local places.

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I have a pair of safety glasses to wear over my Rx glasses. The effect of looking through two sets of lenses totally messes with my eyes, makes them feel like they never focus properly, and I get tired by the end of the day. A similar thing happens when I watch 3D movies. I can’t imagine wearing two pairs of glasses when driving would be any better.

Related, I just bought a $20 pair of prescription safety glasses from Zenni. Haven’t gotten them yet, they look goofy on the website, but I need them infrequently enough that I will be able to deal.

I also picked up a backup pair of regular glasses and a new pair of sunglasses while I was there. ~$55 shipped for three pairs of glasses!

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Find an empty parking lot and go to town. So informative. So much fun. Be sure to liberally use the handbrake!

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My travelling companion named these “invader glasses” because of all the RV driving Canadian snowbirds wearing them.

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