How to browse privately in public


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Things got really good at 1:22


Wouldn’t it be simpler to buy polarized sunglasses? They used to be pretty common for glare reduction.


Just don’t be watching porn on there with the sound on, and then knock your head phones out of the plug. Again.


Finally an upside to the effect that prevents me from using polarized sunglasses in my car with polarized LCD displays.


Does this work because the monitor he’s using is the same one that had the polarizing film ripped out?

Because I doubt many public access monitors are going to be set up that way.


Volkswagen used this effect a couple of years ago at their Detroit Auto Show press event. Several large LCD screens were modified by removing the polarizing layer, and the press in attendance (several hundred) were given standard polarized sunglasses. It was definitely attention getting.

For all the preparation, no one noticed that the reflection on a shiny floor made the images visible (if inverted) to everyone.


Shine light through two polarizing filters oriented at 90° to each other, and no light gets through. But put a third filter between them, at 45° to each of the existing filters, and amazingly enough — some lights gets through!


Looks like the person doing the work in this vid is a fellow…woman.


Don’t cars usually take this into account? I only use polarized glasses, because they’re awesome, and it looks like all my displays are polarized at a 45 degree angle, so I don’t have any issues.


I have been having better luck with newer displays, but there are still quite a few cars that have exactly the wrong orientation so that I have to turn my head near 90 degrees to read them well.


Well, without anyone who isn’t wearing polarized sunglasses catching you…


Come now. All people on the internet are fellows, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Likewise, gender-neutral usernames or avatars, like yours, always clearly belong to men. We know this.


That takes me back to the good old days of the Internet: When men were men, women were men, and children were FBI agents.


Make sure you put the polarizing film into the glasses the right way, or you’ll have to tilt your head sideways to see the screen.


Don’t forget to coat the rims with UV-reflective paint to stay off Big Brother’s “Rubik’s Cube afficianado” watchlist.


Just don’t?


An associate mentioned doing his business but forgetting that he had paired up his Bluetooth audio… kept cranking the volume while his wife had one of her girlfriends over.

Thaaaankfully he only got mocked by them for weeks.


They/you might be too connected…


Heyyyy I didn’t use “a friend” :wink: