XKCD on Google Glass countermeasures


Wouldn’t a bank of infrared led’s work too? Most sensors these days have an infrared filter over them but I think you can still overpower them with enough juice.

If it does work, saves you having to bother with a targeted defense, and it’s going to be harder for people to notice what you’re doing. Also, it would work for all digital cameras.

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i hope i never see someone wearing them, because i will make some kind of poor irrational decision.

I like the Heisenberg hat. Nice touch.

Haha reminds me of that lovely mosquito hat that you wrote about in one of your books!
Though pointing lasers at peoples eyes is frowned upon for unknown reasons…

My thoughts too. Aren’t there people out there already making infrared hat countermeasures to combat CCTV and paparazzi? I do know that there’s groups who do special makeup to foil facial recognition systems. Think 80’s cyberpunk done badly. You’ll stand out in a crowd but no system can identify you as human.

Yeah, can’t say that I think threatening physical harm to people who wear Glass is “bringing the funny”. As an owner of Glass, I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure aiming lasers at faces is unsafe and immoral whether the person is wearing Glass or not.

This is my least favorite part of owning Glass–the part where people think it’s OK to name-call and threaten physical harm. I’m wearing a computer on my face, not committing war crimes or killing Trayvon Martin. Time to rethink your priorities a bit.

Look i am not a violent person but since Google has been shown to be in bed with the NSA… I’ve chilled rather greatly on Glass as a platform. I’d have ot ask you to take the thing off if you’re around me. I"m not doing anything i won’t want people to see but it’s one of those ‘dude you’re walking around in full gargoyle mode full time. stoppit.’

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But that’s not true. I can’t shoot video full time. The battery would die. Hell, ten minutes on a Google Hangout and my battery dropped 20% and the Glass heated up so much I started to sweat. Besides, use an ATM or go into a Starbucks or walk down the street in any city and you’re going to appear on camera. Odds are, I won’t be recording you, but odds are all those other cameras are.

Funny how all this technology that comes straight from star trek we’ve been wanting since Next Gen came out and now that it’s showing up we (or at least I) are going 'hey waitaminute the people coming up with htis stuff aren’t nearly as altruistic as the Federation… are we ready?

Actually, this is the “Black Hat” character, a frequent character on XKCD, who pre-dates Breaking Bad. More info on him here, if you really care: http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=Black_Hat

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