Reflectacles get a new feature: CCTV-blinding infrared reflectors

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But unless there is more than one person in the area wearing them, this would actually make it EASIER to track you. What you need are cheap retroreflective stickers that you can place on many objects within the area that the cameras are located.


very cool

With trump president, these may save my life.


I don’t really need these where I live, but I imagine such protection getting a ton of mileage in drumpf’s america.

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Outlawed in 3, 2, 1…

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Target tracking is not the issue, civilian software can track your pixel from space, so yeah that requires a different kind of technology.

What these glasses attempt to do is defeat facial recognition.


Or you just need to create some cheap popular fashion that incorporates this and get everyone wearing it.


Yeah, that’s the attempt. But it is probably too clever.


anonymous guy with glaring glasses
every networked camera in the world, instantly recognizing exactly who you are
Take your pick.

Yeah, these glasses aren’t going to break the security state. And if one actually needs these glasses, these alone are not going to solve their problems. But I do believe the glasses have a cool neo cyber punk, functional art, intellectual, hacker, anti security state- statement about them. If anyone can appreciate these things, it is going to be Cory’s followers.


11 Posts in, really?


The glare effect only works with cameras using IR illuminators; many CCTV systems are built using low-light capable cameras which do not require active IR sources to get a good picture.

You can buy retroreflector adhesive tape at any auto supply store, cut it down to the size and shape you need, use the scraps to place in the FOV of any IR-augmented CCTV to give them a nice hot spot on their image.

The red tape glows bright white under IR, I suppose you could add an IR transparent dark film overlay if you want to make it less obvious to human eyes.

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Wait they didn’t reflect IR before? Seems like a bugfix not a feature upgrade.

are they sensitive enough to use facial recognition?

Still not The Ugliest T Shirt

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