Web art piece that changes URLs every time it's seen


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Hmmm…Looking at the http response, there is no actual 301 going on. Every response is “200 OK”. Something’s not right…or is that part of the art?




The “art”:


https://permanent-redirect.xyz/pages/1515522239 for a shortcut to avoid over 7000 clicks.


Oh Yeah? Well, even fewer people will ever see my art!


It’s easy to find with ftp.


They made the mistake of using the seconds since epoch in the url so it’s easy to jump ahead. They should have implemented random URLs, which would have forced clicking through thousands of links to reach the end (or programming a computer to do it for you).


Viewing this art involves a lot of work. At the end, there better be paintings of naked people.


Oh dear, and here I thought you were joking…


That was truly amazing. Truly. Wow. Just. Wow. I mean, really. Just. Wow.

Once you understand the pattern to the redirects, it’s easy enough to get to the front of the line. if you’re a cheat like that. Which I am.


Well, that made the dancing hamster page look like Botticelli by comparison.

Is it too much to ask that conceptual artists include some art with their concepts, or does that mark me as a Philistine? Sheesh.


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