404 Forever!


Getting a lot of these lately…


It is working for me…


Broken for me.

Change the http to https and it works for me.


Okay I am getting more of what we were seeing with @beschizza’s posts a bit ago.
The link to the article work but show post seems to hang at loading. I will update as get some.


@orenwolf @rob Starting to see a lot of “works on HTTPS and not HTTP” maybe also vice versa.


Some sort of issue, specifically with scheduled posts. My guess is the parmalink URL is being hit (and cached) before it’s actually live, but I can’t imagine why that would be - @beschizza do we pull down posts via one of our many scripts or trackers in a way that might cause them to hit a scheduled post before it’s live?

Either way, I need to figure out how to force-purge scheduled posts when they are posted. Our Fastly plugin should be doing that, but obviously not.


#404 Forever!



Found one.

BBS post

main site

http from bbs goes to 404 and the article doesn’t load but https works.

also show full post seems to stay on loading.

ETA it boxes here just fine but I get a 404 clicking on it.


I am running HTTPS everywhere, so the 404s I am seeing are caused by something else.


@codinghorror Sorry for the misplaced A surprising way to change the way kids think about gender and jobs

Better over here.


404ever. Same here. I’m sure they know.


404’d from the bbs page:


BB needs to resolve this “failing to redirect to HTTPS from HTTP links” issue :frowning: cc @beschizza @orenwolf

We do not control this, nor would we want to…


An investigation is underway.


It’s been a few days, but here is a new one


Looks fine to me, Oliver Stone's "Snowden" is great entertainment and an important argument for pardon


I have to manually add the httpS: part.

If I just click on the link (Safari Browser, iPad) I get the 404 error.

Also Chrome browser, Windows 10, on my desktop.


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