Weird Sixfinger toy from the 1960s

Aaaand now they go for over $100 on eBay (if you’ve got an intact card with the artwork).


A friend had an “automatic” mp5 toy, battery operated, that would blow through the strip about as fast as possible. Which wasn’t very fast. IIRC it was meant to work off longer strips. Which we were never able to find again. So you just ended up loading it far more often. There seemed to be serious innovation going on with cap guns, just as they were disappearing from the market.

I stole my dad’s hammer and pounded on the rolls in the gutter. Good times.

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My brother and I went through a phase where we tried to set rolls of caps on fire.

A good wack with the ball peen and they’d actually light on fire!

That’s how I initially read it. It made more sense relative to that picture. It took me half a second of startled wondering why they were making sex toys for kids before I realized what was going on.

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