Welcome to Uncatty Valley: Where cats & dogs trip out seeing people in a cat mask filter

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Too funny, all those WTF moments! :scream_cat: Time to find a good mask, for mornings when I want to sleep late. :wink:



Cute, but that soundtrack makes me want to go get my punching shoes.


These cats appear to show a level of self-awareness that I didn’t realise cats had: ie, they are looking at a screen and see themselves and another object – and they recognise that the other object (person in cat filter) is not what they were expecting to see.

The usual internet caveat applies: Interesting if true.


Yes, I did not realise that cats had passed the “mirror” test of self-awareness, I seen to remember that only dolphins and primates had! Maybe this person is getting the pets’ attention some other way that we can’t see in the video, to make them suddenly look shocked. (That sounds like I’m suggesting she put a finger up their bum, but it could be anything really)


I do think in some cases the cat is seeing something on the screen that catches their attention and I believe in some of those cases the cat is looking back as if to say “do you notice anything?”

But in most cases I suspect the cat is just being a cat. If the masks weren’t there we wouldn’t wonder what the cat was reacting to.

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