'Wellness Guru' Belle Gibson lied about having brain cancer, profited from lying about bogus cancer cures

Looks like you’ve been beaten to the punch @fuzzyfungus :wink:

Ergot and Psilocybin are pretty decent as well :mushroom: [size=9]More Amanita than anything else, but I don’t think there’s an emoji for that[/size]

Wow, what a shitstain.

The hoax is nothing new though. People are always so willing to buy into the hokum. It makes you wonder about the power of reason in this day and age. All the proven science and tested analysis in the world gets willingly disbelieved in exchange for the modern-day equivalent of magic beans.

Countless people get rooked into pursuing the ‘Miracle Cure’. Lump these charlatans in with the anti-vaxxers.

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Some folk (country A) want to sue & punish the individual this time.
Some folk (country B) think that steps should be taken to restrict such unregulated BS generally, and/or educate folk about the dangers of bliksters and/or shame the shammer.

Which country are you happier to be in?

And in other news, the top voted definition of RWNJ on urbandictionary.com was written by a RWNJ

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I have to agree with Xeni’s observations here. Especially the ones about those who, by publishing these kind of bullshit claims, lead people away from the solid science behind real treatments and into the murky paths of ‘alternative’ (i.e. made-up) medicine.

My wife (and partner of 28 years) was keen on alternative therapies, but reasonably discerning (although I had to bite my tongue over some that she felt were the ‘real deal’). She never smoked or drank, had a handful of vitamins every day (and no, please don’t bother linking to the other story about supplements and cancer…).

She fell ill last April, and passed away 5 weeks later, at the age of 46. The cause of death was ‘primary tumour of unknown origin’ (abdominal) - but once a secondary hit her liver, it was like she had been hit by a truck. So yeah, fuck cancer, and fuck any of these clowns who think it’s a good idea to mislead people who are seriously ill.

My advice to those who fret about following the right fad diet, or being pious avoiders of certain substances for fear of relatively rare consequences? Live your life as best you can. It’s a lottery, might as well bloody enjoy it!!!


this is not a reply to anyone in particular. American Slang alert… to her one could say “Eat Shit and die”. that about covers it. Not elegant but perhaps an effective response to such a creature. I’d excuse her slight because of her age and a little more for her existential confusion as mitigators, but penalty she must suffer be it a lifelong reputation as a truly hideous creature or whatever.

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There is a lot of competition for this award, but I nominate Ms. Gibson for world’s biggest scumbag!

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After my successful/lucky malignant melanoma surgery at the the Mayo Clinic my head was sort of spinning.

  • So, I’m OK?
    -Yes, you are OK….you will wear sunscreen and you will come here 4 times a year for a head to toe from a dermatologist.
    -so, is there cancer in my body?
    -there is cancer in everyone’s body, but do you want to talk about risk Steve?
    -I dunno, do I?
    -look, the point of this whole thing that has just happened to you is not to see how low we can make your risk, the point is that you walk out of here and lead an interesting life.

Thank you for sharing this with us, and I’m terribly sorry for your loss.

Fuck cancer and all those who try to profit from misery.

… also called histrionic personality disorder

She’s a complete arsehole, no need to bring sexism into it.

I think you’re confusing ‘histrionic’ (histrio = actor) with ‘hysterical’ (hystericus = uterus).

Yeah, guess so. You get anywhere near that prefix and the red flags start going up.


Having brain cancer myself…I would not even wish it upon her…that’s how terrible of a disease it is. How their government is not going to pursue criminal charges is ridiculous. I work 3 jobs to pay for my medical bills. I could sit here and talk about the seizures, the moments I thought I would die…the surgeries…not being able to walk…coming back to teach health full time. But, she has to live with the shame that will follow her throughout her entire life. Anyone who gave her money is a fool. But to not leave her in financial ruin for the rest of her life is even more foolish. She literally robbed money from the most generous people on Earth…To all of you out there fighting the many types of brain cancer out there, I have an oligodendroglioma, bless you, keep fighting, and yes. FUCK BELLE GIBSON, AND FUCK CANCER

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Oh, and for those of you who think she has a mental illness and needs help…WTF DO YOU THINK BRAIN CANCER IS??? I am sick of people using this scapegoat for everything. Sometimes people are just pieces of shit, for the sake of being a piece of shit…no diagnosis needed.

cannabis oil and brain tumors…maybe the ONLY positive research on animal models in the past 30 years…and we are years away from human trials…so sad

OK obviously what that lady did was wrong but to lump that list of other modalities into her group simply because she might have used or espoused their methods is wrong unless there’s overt evidence to contrary. With CBD oil for instance there’s evidence to contrary of it being ‘fraud’ and actual medicine that helps eliminate cancer. So please, don’t go off a diatribe over the ‘evils’ due to a singular instance of self-admitted deception next to those that believe in and have researched the causes you implied weren’t real.

STOP THE HATE! Yes, it does not make me happy that she lied … however …

Here is a story worth reading … and a true exercise in forgiveness and facing the reality that in some horrendous acts comes more good than bad! So this woman lied about having cancer, and being cured by eating the proper food … big deal! She gave hope to people that had none … she got people to eat healthier … and those two things outweigh any lie she told! The end justifies the means! Now, before anyone goes into a rampage on me, for standing up for this woman … understand this … the power of the human mind is the most powerful thing on earth! It can move mountains … literally! And, if you truly believe that you can be cured, and I mean without a doubt, you will be! This woman gave people the power to believe they could be cured … and, she gave wellness recipes that absolutely work to boost up the immune system … this is a good thing! Would I believe anything else she has to say in the future … with reservations, but I would not knock her completely out of the park because, though her methods are dishonest, her results are filled with good intentions. Don’t condemn anyone that gives you hope, even false hope is a measure of HOPE! Lying was wrong. no doubt about it … however, her lie did miracles in making people feel healthier, and give people what they had very little of anymore … HOPE! That, alone, is good enough reason for forgiving a lie such as she told.

Billie Love

Poe’s Law?