Welsh police deployed facial recognition tech with a 92% false positive rate, but they're sure it's fine


Diolch. :sweat_smile:

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Hunh. I’m one of the assholes who liked it, and I honestly didn’t read it as an inbreeding joke. I was just laughing at how all us brits look the same. I’m Scottish/English in ancestry and I can’t tell white people apart (for fun, try watching The Departed while thinking DiCaprio and Damon are the same person).

I guess that when we talk about “inbreeding” we usually mean “problematic inbreeding”; a gene pool that is so restricted that serious problems start to occur. But in a way, when we ask the question “why do people in a region tend to look similar to one another?” the answer is inbreeding, just on a non-problematic scale.

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I suppose it’s a sensitive subject because with very few exceptions jokes about welsh people usually come in the following order:

  1. we fuck sheep
  2. everyone in a small community fucks each other

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