Wenol, the best metal polish I've used


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Thanks for the tip. Any idea how it compares to Mothers? That’s been my go to metal polish for a while now.


Wenol is three times more expensive per ounce!


Cool, but you know various non-toxic household chemicals can be used to make a range of metal cleaners, polishers, descalers and tarnish-removers, right? And it’s vastly cheaper and easy to make in bulk.

Also, I strongly recommend a one-time application of lithium grease or at least lubricating oil on the moving parts of your bike. It’s preventative maintenance that has saved me much time and money over the years.


But it’s artisanal.


Bonus tip, no matter how you polish, wipe clean with Never Dull. It leaves a nice thin film that makes the shine last and the next polish easier.


The ease of use is worth the price difference for Wenol. Mothers works but you have to work harder.


Thanks for the comparison. I never mind a bit of elbow grease. There is also the Mother ball that speeds things up. But, from your comment, I’m guessing the Wenol is more abrasive so when polishing plated materials (like motorcycle rims) be aware that you can strip off the chrome or other plating more easily with that kind of product.


Wenol is plenty gentle and the polished Aluminum wheels on my bike would be hard to damage – but I’ve never scratched chrome up with wenol. Used to detail a Harley with it. That’s thin chrome film over plastic in many cases :slight_smile:



i’ve been using Simichrome for years. Same pinkish looking stuff, works well

i’ll get some Wenol

and? I love me some Nevr-Dull magic wadding, till a vicious bastard of a pal introduced me to Renaissance Wax which works well on painted and chromed surfaces as an after-cleaning sealer.

NOT cheap


Better than Coca Cola?


Coca Cola is reserved for massively corroded things. This is for stuff that still has a finish.


Oh, sure, it’s artisanal. But is it curated, bespoke, locally sourced, free range and cruelty free? And tactical! Don’t forget the tactical.


errr… I did not know that. got any links?

[I do know one for full-blown rust: pour coca-cola on it and scrub with crumpled aluminum foil ball]


I agree Wenol is expensive but it did work better for me than Simichrome or Mothers (both of which are still in my supply cabinet along Flitz and a few other brands). Also love Nevr-Dull wadding.

For spokes I think you want to try Luster Lace. There may be better compounds but the form factor on this was perfect to me (pull a stripe of material back and forth around the spoke).


These can get you started. Beyond that, there are literally thousands of how-to sites and YouTube videos that will quickly teach you everything from just making a polish to why different chemical reactions do what they do. Short version, it’s pretty elementary chemistry, not magic.

Don’t get me wrong, some people just want to squirt a dollop from a tube on a cloth and go to town. But there’s this myth that commercial polishes are always stronger than homemade ones. In fact, you can mix homemade polishes as potent or not as desired, from taking a slight patina off all the way up to dissolving the base metal.

I polish, clean and restore a slightly ridiculous amount of metal, everything from durable but rusty engine and bicycle parts to centuries-old antiques containing several different kinds of delicate metalwork and crystallized calcium carbonate, so the afternoon years ago when I learned to make my own was one of the best investments of time I ever made. But you can learn most any single solution in about fifteen minutes of googling. I only took so long because I wanted to learn about a dozen and practice them.


How does it compare to Esqarial?


You should get some to the guy in the article diagonal over from you!


Wenol is also great for getting utensil marks off dishes. My wife collects Fiestaware and it’s is their go to polish/cleaner. I bought a 2" cloth polishing ball that mounts on the end of my cordless drill and it works wonders.