We're crossing our fingers for True Detective season three

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Reminds me very much of Millennium.


Mahershala Ali? Count me in.

And while we’re talking Luke Cage villains, I’ve almost finished season 2 (two episodes to go) and I am shocked that I’ve never before heard of or seen Mustafa Shakir, and desperately hoping he turns up in something else soon. The guy’s electric.


Yeah, that’s true. It’s kind of a blend of the movie “Seven” and “Millennium”. I didn’t care much for the second season of “True Detective” though.

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The “problem” with Season 2, I think, was that most people latched onto the Occult/Lovecraft aspect of Season 1, not the Masculinity as Tragedy aspect. Season 2 had masculine tragedy up to here, but not enough existential horror for some people’s tastes.


I can’t be the only one wishing more of the season one backstory on the cult was fleshed out more.

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Well, he IS good at staring, but I hope the whole show isn’t based around that one skill.

I don’t know if you mean “had been fleshed out more in S1” or “fleshed out more in future episodes”, but I was ultimately disappointed in S1 because the stuff that I found intriguing (the occult stuff) turned out to be merely window dressing. Unless I missed something, that is, or I have forgotten some significance. I honestly don’t remember the show that well, but I remember coming out if it with a, “Wait, they’re really not going to deal with that?” feeling of dissatisfaction.

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I thought the point was that all the mystic stuff really boiled down to some pretty mundane sources.


He was lesser known before Luke Cage, but he made a pretty decent hero in “The 4400”.

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He has a small supporting role on HBO’s the Deuce.


That might be true (as I said, four years later, I don’t remember the show too well). But for me, since the show leaned so heavily on the stylish occult stuff for it’s juice, it felt like “Yoink! Got your nose! Forget all that silly stuff.” It’s disingenuous filmmaking to depict the occult aspects with all that effort, style and skill, when the ultimate point is that it comes from “mundane sources.”

That makes me approach any further seasons with my arms crossed, and an attitude of, “Fool me once…”

It really doesn’t look like they will be pulling the same trick (“trick”) again.

But you may want to avoid “The Sinner” if that put you off about season 1.

It can be done well. The end of “The Wizard of Oz” is very satisfying, for example. :slight_smile:

Haven’t watched it yet, is it one of those shows where I could just watch season one and leave satisfied or does it end on a cliffhanger?

I don’t want to get sucked into another Lost here.

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Ahh, but that ending isn’t canon.

Oz is Real in the rather numerous books.

It’s an anthology show – each season is a standalone story.

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Full story arc in season 1. Completely separate story & characters in season 2.

Season 1 was sublime. Best work by far by Harrelson and McConnaughey.

I really liked Season 2, even though it wasn’t as amazing as Season 1. Deeply flawed people doing what flawed people do, until they have a crystallizing moment where they have to decide: Am I going to cross that threshold into unredeemable evil or try and do some good this time around?

Looking forward to Season 3. I really couldn’t get a sense of it from the trailer, but the mood alone has me intrigued.


Yeah, when I started watching season 1 of Luke Cage, it was bugging the crap out of me where I’d seen him before. Didn’t help that you couldn’t ask for two more diametrically opposed characters.

I was hoping for episodes that told the story of the cult. They could have made another good season of the who and why behind all the murders.