Here’s what you’ve been missing on HBO’s True Detective


I loved it so much when I could watch true detective and then switch over to sherlock on pbs, two and a half hours of awesome TV. I am with the author that a next season is all but certain at this point but I don’t think that they will be able to come up with this level of television again, this has the feel of something that has been gestating for quite a long time. Like the problem of a second album you have your whole life to write the first album and then nine months to write the second.

One thing not mentioned is how deeply funny the show is, especially the conversations between the two lead cops. Not hyuk or guffaw funny, but humor that is sublime and subtle.

Or as subtle as lawn-mowing jokes can get.

I am envious and I wish HBO would allow you to stream independently of cable/providers.
I don’t know anyone who pays for HBO, so I can never watch.

tl;dr, the HBO version is highbrow murderporn.

Whoo hoo! I’m in! Gonna watch that on the pctv with a little popcornbeer.

It was more in the previous episode, but I could clearly see Matthew McConaughey morphing into Harry Dean Stanton

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