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A minor spoiler for Episode 4.

Spoiler Link


Matthew McConaughtayghty is the killer.



That's the misdirection intended. Is it a spoiler if it's a prediction?


I don't think there's much chance of cliche that tired popping up.



I've fallen hard for this show. And the theme song... mercy!


It's a damn good show, and the soundtrack -- ambient, noise, whatever you want to call it -- is so darn good and dark and ominous. Holy shite!


I also notice that Hart's "fast-forwarded" youngest daughter is also the same young woman from The Walking Dead who's trying to safeguard Lil' Asskicker.

I like her -- as precocious as Dakota Fanning, but without the eyes that stare eerily into your soul.


is it a spoiler if one talks about what one thinks is going to happen?


matthew mcconaughey isn't a drunk or a drug addict: he's just pretending to be. and he's not the killer. he's been investigating the case this whole time, off the grid, on his own. his storage bay is his office. he's still sharp as a tack.

is that too obvious? is that what everyone else is already thinking?


It's hard to fake a tolerance for biker quantities of hard drugs, and going back to them after being clean would result in an complete relapse into addiction. So that's sort of a weak point.


Anybody else hearing a little Lee Hazwelwood / N. Sinatra in that intro?


I love the barely detectable side-glance he gives the camera as he raises his cigarette to his mouth and walks away from the interview. So beautiful. Been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a while now.


We saw him doing the drugs at the bar for sure, hard & real drugs. And we know for a while afterwards (after the "shootout" and hero bit) that he stays with the force for a while. So having re-done drugs weren't an issue for him at that time, at least. I'm just saying that I can see him, after leaving the force for whatever reason he left, pretending to be a loser who just works at a bar and drinks on his days off, in order to again be under a kind of undercover. Buying bottles of booze but pouring them down the drain, to make for being plausibly "off the grid" drunk biker-type but still staying sharp and investigating on the sly. Unbeknownst to Woody Harrelson's character, of course. I'm just imagining the cliffhanger of this season being Woody and Matthew teaming back up to find the killer, with the big reveal being that Matthew has a storage bay full of evidence he's already collected. And that he's been "Keyser Söze"ing the interviewing cops (and the viewers) for most of the season. Which might make Matthew's character the "TRUE Detective" of the show. Just a thought.


It's an anthology series, so this season is all we're going to get for these characters.


Well hell...


The big reveal may be that the two black detectives are puppets of the powerful satanic human sacrifice group.


Again, spoilers:

This may or may not be a red herring, but something I noticed: in the episode where Rust Cohle goes to the rave, beforehand he's looking at a mug shot (drawing?) of the guy he's going there to find. The mug shot looked to me at least to be a dead ringer for the preacher: I actually thought it WAS the preacher at first. The rave guy just winds up bearing a fairly strong (imo) resemblance to the preacher, though. Maybe the Pentecostal Christians and the Satanists are in it all together. Kind of a Gnostic Demiurge-worshipping kind of thing?


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