'After You’ve Gone' sets everything up for True Detective finale [TV recap: season 1, episode 7]


I just binged on the first 6 episodes on Saturday, and can’t wait for the last two episodes.

The opening theme song is A.maz.ing. Watched it all the way through all six times. Wot a show :smile:

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As a Sensitive Modern Male, I want to express solidarity with all our sisters who have complained about the series’ objectification of women. Likewise, I want the show to present more realistic male images. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson need to be replaced with more realistic male characters with a least 25% body fat, mom jeans, and muffin tops. And they need to stop taking their clothes off.


Not the best episode of the series but good enough to get us through to the end. It feels like things are wrapping up too quickly now at this point - I’d like 1-2 more episodes before the finale to really flesh this thing out somehow. I am eagerly anticipating the finale. I hope it is as good as the first six episodes and makes me uncomfortable in some way. No happy endings please.

Rust’s investigation into the matters got him the evidence necessary to get Cohle on board.”

Should read Rust Cohle convinces Marty Hart.

Observation: The mug that Maggie gives Marty with his green tea is the same mug the cops give him in the initial taped interview from the first episodes.

My wife insists she sees a bunch of scars on that lawnmower guy’s face. Just looks like scruffy whiskers to me, but maybe the screen’s not hi enough def…

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There were definitely scars.

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It’s the same mug Rustin uses in all the 1995 scenes. I think it’s a CID mug.

As the camera pans around him after he stands up the sunlight illuminates the scars and you can see them clearly for just a second. They’re like burns or chemical burns scars. From up front the facial hair covering the rest of his lower face sort of obscures/camouflages the scars.

Yeah, I had to rewind to see if those were scars, too. Pretty sure he was the same guy mowing the lawn outside the school in an earlier episode.

Not my favorite episode of the season, but I guess they’re waiting for next week’s finale to pull out all the stops.

Why would Maggie have an old police department mug in her nice big new house?

As I was falling asleep last night I had some sort of epiphany about the Big Hug Mug and the Lone Star Beer that is featured way too prominently to simply be product placement, but now I can’t remember what it was. Numerology may have figured in — 3-3-3, 4-4-4…

Also, in this episode Marty’s PI firm has customized mugs with the firm’s logo.

(The production designer would probably be laughing his or her ass off at me digging for symbolism in some random off-the-shelf props, but what can I say, I like that stuff.)

A lot of commentary seems to keep saying the last two episodes are weaker. I just think that the loss of the interview format with tight close ups and strong voice overs as they shift between time periods is what drives the criticism. The performances and writing are still strong.

Here are my questions coming out of this episode.

What lie is Rust referencing when he talks to Maggie?

Does Rust wink at the Sheriff? Is it a twitch? Cowboy Bravado or knowing sign to a fellow insider?

Why is Marty thinking he is going to die? He seems to know more about what they are going up against than the previous scene’s exposition explains.

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Watch more duck dynasty.

The preview implies Marty gets captured and then tortured, maimed, and/or killed.

Yep, I saw the scars as well. This is suspect number one for me right now.

There s a dangling plot line that bothers me, and that is Marty’s daughter; who was drawing images as a child that were very adult content. Leads me to believe that she was possibly abused somehow; which also makes me wonder, why does Marty so completely lose his head at instances of child abuse he comes accross. He shot Ledoux , the microwave experience, and his reaction to the tape, which are reasonable reactions of course (except the homicide), but he so instantly loses his professional air. I think the paintings by his daughter will figure into this next show somehow.

Yep, those were definitely scars. Here’s a screenshot:

What’s more, it seems to be the same guy who worked the school grounds in episode 3. Apparently, only the right side of his face is scarred, and Cole was facing his left side during their brief dialogue. Then HQ called in with the update about Ledoux’ connection to the case, and they left.

So he seems to be a relative of the Tuttle family, who seemingly moves around a lot around their various schools and other endeavours along the coast…and who was involved in their “Mardi Gras” sacrifices/gang rapes.

Did you notice that he was mowing in a spiral?


More than just that - there was also the scene where she was playing with dolls, and they were set up in what looked like an approximation of the gang-rape / sacrifice sequence.

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